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Archive Tenders

SL. No. Tender ID Title Attachment Start Date End Date
1 F.No.55-1-2017-CWC-C&S Extn. of Last Date for Inviting Tenders for providing the 10 Mbps Internet Leased Line Connectivity at Central Waqf Council डाउनलोड (270.11 KB) pdf 19/02/2018 26/02/2018
2 No. 5-8-2017 Expression of Interest from the firms of Chartered Accountants for scrutinising and processing of the applications of private tour operators for Haj 2018 डाउनलोड (7.04 MB) pdf 05/12/2017 20/12/2017
3 GA-17021-1-2017-GA The tender notification vide no. GA-17021-1-2017-GA dated 09-11-2017 inviting tender for printing-set making work of Parliament-other impotent documents for this ministry has been extended upto 06-12-2017 by 3.00 p.m. डाउनलोड (538.62 KB) PDF 30/11/2017 06/12/2017
4 F.No.D-11012-1-2012 - Genl. (Pt.) Appointment of Contractor for Flower Management in the Premises, Corridors and supplying and maintenance of Plants. डाउनलोड (7.11 MB) pdf 06/06/2017 28/06/2017
5 F.No. - NAWADCO-15(2)-2017-2293 Notice inviting tenders for hiring Vehicle for official use of NAWADCO. डाउनलोड (414.72 KB) pdf 29/05/2017 21/06/2017
6 No.D-19018-3-2016-Genl. Corrigendum regarding the tender for renovation of Haj Division located at 3rd Floor, ISIL Building V.K. Krishna Menon Bhagwan Das Road,New Delhi. डाउनलोड (236.73 KB) pdf 16/02/2017 22/02/2017
7 No.D-19018-3-2016-Genl. Inviting tender for renovation of Haj Division located at 3rd Floor, ISIL Building V.K. Krishna Menon Bhagwan Das Road,New Delhi. डाउनलोड (67.24 KB) PDF 13/02/2017 22/02/2017
8 D-29011-1-2016-Genl. Tender for printing of Annual Report(2016-17) of the Ministry of Minority Affairs डाउनलोड (1.76 MB) PDF 05/01/2017 24/01/2017
9 D-15011-7-2016-Genl.(Pt.) Calling sealed quotations for procurement of toner or ink cartridges for computer printers by the Ministry of Minority Affairs डाउनलोड (8.68 MB) pdf 03/01/2017 12/01/2017
10 D-15011-4-2013 - Genl.(Pt.) Notice inviting tender for supply of Stationery and Crockrey items to this Ministry. डाउनलोड (51.03 MB) pdf 27/12/2016 17/01/2017
11 D-26018-1-2016-17-Genl The last date for submission of tenders for hiring of Vehicles is extended upto 14-12-2016 by 3.00 P.M. डाउनलोड (209.51 KB) PDF 08/12/2016 08/12/2016
12 D-26018-1-2016-17-Genl Extension of Date for Submission of tenders regarding hiring of Vehicles डाउनलोड (1.99 MB) pdf 17/11/2016 23/11/2016
13 No. D-14011.1.2012-Genl. Calling sealed quotations for T-Shirt of different sizes. डाउनलोड (276.22 KB) pdf 01/11/2016 02/11/2016
14 No. D-19017-1-2015-Genl. 4th February 2016 Corrigendum regarding the tender for Procurement of one Number of Electric Collator Machine for Sets Making and one number of Duplo - Similar Printer. डाउनलोड (1.43 MB) PDF 04/02/2016 17/06/2016
15 F.No.D-15013/2/2011-Genl. Inviting Quotation for Annual Contract for making of Rubber Stamps,Self Inking Stamps,Name plates,Boards and Banners etc. in the Ministry. डाउनलोड (1.22 MB) PDF 21/05/2014 29/05/2014